Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need to Use Sales Navigator?

It will help get the best possible results, but Prospect Maximizer provides three other ways of targeting prospects besides using Sales Navigator search results. You will still be able to target imported lists, LinkedIn posts, and your own followers.

However, LinkedIn raises the threshold for permitted activity for Sales Navigator accounts, so you will be able to send more messages and connections requests if you profile is connected to a SN account.

Do I Need to Install Software?

No! Prospect Maximizer works entirely in the cloud and you do not need to install any browser extensions or software on your computer.

How Do I Add an Additional Profile to My Account?

You can add additional profiles to your account instantly by using the upper left dropdown menu on your account dashboard page.

Can I Cancel My Account at Any Time?

Yes! You can cancel at any time by contacting us through our contact page here. There are no long term commitments or contracts with Prospect Maximizer.

If I Run Multiple LinkedIn Accounts Within Prospect Maximizer, Will They All Access LinkedIn from the Same IP Address?

No. Each account you enable within Prospect Maximizer is assigned its own dedicated IP address.

How do I upgrade my account?

You can easily change your monthly plan at any time. Here's how.

What variables are supported in connection requests and messages?

Prospect Maximizer invitations to connect and messages currently support four variables: {firstName}, {lastName}, {companyName} and {title}, though it is highly suggested that you only use firstName, as the rest are often not colloquial.

Can I run accounts based in UK/Europe/international territories with Prospect Maximizer?

Yes, we have many agencies running international accounts on Prospect Maximizer.

What data points are included in a Google Sheet sync?

Prospect Maximizer's Google Sheet sync automatically pushes the following data to your sheets, where available:

LinkedIn id
First name
Last name
LI profile URL
Num Connections
Company Website
Invitation sent
Connected on
Replied to invite on
Replied to other message on
Replied on
Phone 1
Phone 2
Custom Status
Followers Count
Twitter handles
Sales Navigator LinkedIn Profile URL
Is OPEN Profile
Is Premium Account

What if I Decide to Cancel?

No problem - just send us a cancellation request through our contact form.

When running multiple LinkedIn profiles in Prospect Maximizer, how do you log into a person's Linkedin account to create the navigator search queries? Can you access their account via Prospect Maximizer?

You can do all searches in one LinkedIn account, and put them in Prospect Maximizer for other accounts. They work just fine, as the URL has the search criteria within it. It's just as if someone does a search and sends you the link.

How Do I Connect a LinkedIn Profile to My Account?

Here are detailed instructions on how to create a new Prospect Maximizer account and connect your first LinkedIn profile to it.

I'm Having Trouble Understanding My Invoice. Can You Help?

Of course. If you're doing a lot of adding/deleting profiles, the invoices can be difficult to read until you've gotten used to them. Here's a document designed to help with understanding your invoice.

How Many LinkedIn Profiles Can I Manage with Prospect Maximizer?

You can manage as many profiles as you want. Just choose the appropriate plan size for your needs.

How Many Prospects Can I Target from a Sales Navigator Search?

While you may create a search that returns thousands of results, LinkedIn will only show you the first 1000. So we recommend you narrow your searches down to 1000 people or less, otherwise Prospect Maximizer will only pull in the first 1000. This is a preferred strategy regardless, as it encourages you to create more precisely targeted campaigns and messaging.

How Many Actions Does Prospect Maximizer Take Each Day?

You have flexibility to adjust these settings as you desire. However, LinkedIn does have some limitations on how much activity they allow (the limits are higher if you have a Sales Navigator account). We have suggested upper thresholds to help keep you under the limit.

How does the Google Sheet sync work?

Find step-by-step instructions for exporting your Prospect Maximizer campaign data to Google Sheets here.



Can I have too many pending connection requests?

If you have too many pending invitations, you may not be able to invite more people to connect. On Prospect Maximizer's "Settings" page, you can set the app to auto-remove pending invitations over 6 weeks old or automatically delete oldest pending invitations to keep the count less than ~1400. If you want to clear pending requests manually, here's how.

I just started the trial on my own LinkedIn account to play around with it for a few days. Can I switch over to my clients' accounts once I’m ready to?

Yes, just delete credentials and add the new credentials.

Once I set up a campaign and toggle it to "active", how long does it take to start running?

It can take up to 30 minutes for a new campaign to begin running.

I just signed up for your trial and I'm sending requests to connect and then auto-responder messages via a sequence. I am assuming that the messages are only sent after the user has accepted the connection, correct?

That's correct. You can send a message within your invitation to connect, but followup messages are not (and cannot be) sent until the connection request is accepted.

We set the time zone for each user, but which times of the day are they sending out these sequences? Are they spread out all throughout the day or all in an hour or what?

Prospect Maximizer operates and spreads out the activity in the 6am to 8pm time range for each account's designated time zone.

Can I use a URL from a Sales Navigator "Saved Search?"

"Saved Search" URL's are not directly supported at this time. But here's a quick little workaound that will make your Saved Search URL usable with Prospect Maximizer:

Go to your Saved Search in Sales Navigator and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on page 2 (or any other page besides page 1) of the search results. Copy that URL and paste it into Prospect Maximizer. The tool is smart enough to pull in all of your search results from that URL regardless of which particular results page you pasted in.

Say I have 3 campaigns running at once, and each campaign is running the same sequence. Will the system automatically evenly distribute the number of connections and messages sent per day across the 3 campaigns? For example, I set the setting to 90 connection requests a day. Would it send 30 to each of the campaigns?

It’s random, so they will be distributed across all campaigns but maybe not precisely 30/30/30.

What does the endorsement feature do?

Prospect Maximizer's endorsement feature will automatically endorse the top skill for a prospect that you have not already endorsed. LinkedIn only allows you to endorse skills for first degree connections, so you must be connected to be able to do this.

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